Accounting And Bookkeeping

Let REH take care of your accounting and bookkeeping needs so that you can focus on what you do best - managing and growing your business! We have developed a highly efficient process that relieves business owners from the time consuming task of keeping up with their bookkeeping. When you use our service your financials will be done monthly so that you can use the information to make critical timely decisions. You will also have the confidence that all of your deductions will be captured and ready for tax time. NO MORE BOOKKEEPING STRESS!!!!

Monthly Bookkeeping Services Details

Cumulative Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet
  • We will provide you with a monthly Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet so that you can keep track of how your business is doing

Annual Tax Forecast

  • We work with you to determine your estimated tax liability for the current year
  • We will provide you with a detailed explanation of your annual tax situation
  • We will identify and communicate possibilities for additional tax savings

Sales Tax

  • We will file and pay the sales tax for NC

1099 Services

  • We will file and send 1099's for up to 20 vendors

Business Personal Property Listing

  • We will complete and submit your Business Personal Property Listing for one County

The Small Business Bookkeeping Service fee will include

  • Client communication
    • Phone calls/emails - All REH CPA clients under this agreement can call or e-mail our office for no additional hourly charges
    • Client will receive notifications of changes in Federal and State tax laws
    • Client will receive REH CPA newsletters and firm updates
    • No charge for general tax information or tax structure ideas. NOTE - Exception will be for any advanced research and you will be notified before research commences
  • Client meetings
    • One meeting with a CPA per year will not be a billing situation
    • Fees will be adjusted for more than one meeting per year

Additional Fee Services

REH CPA Tax Preparation and Payroll
  • Tax services -Additional if not listed above (including any tax notices, IRS or State representation, payroll tax forms, or any other tax preparation not listed above)
  • Payroll services - Additional if not listed above

Change Order/Additional Services Identified at any Point in the Future

  • New Advisory Service and Best Practice planning
  • New business structuring
  • Value/impact to you and your business will be discussed for no additional cost
  • If action is needed fee will be quoted up front prior to client commitment

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Let us take the headache out of tax season.